"Tietze's syndrome sufferers find...HUGE Missing Link In Personal Recovery Plan When They Combine Four Breakthroughs To Get Maximum Results In Under a Week"...

"If Your Ribs Could Talk... Here's 4 Facts They Would
KILL To Tell You!"

"WHO ELSE Wants To Increase Their Odds Of Getting RID of Tietze's Symptoms By 83% or More By Simple Changes in Diet, a Lower Amount Of The Costly Drugs That Make You Feel WORSE Added to...A Few Simple Items You Can Buy At Your Local Pharmacy For Less Than A Visit to the Doctor?"

By: Independent Researcher &
Tietze's Suffer Joy Atkins

Dear fellow tietze's syndrome sufferer,

You're being fed lies. Right now, there are people who would have you believe you should take a simple pill to cure for Tietze's Syndrome. I'm here to prove to you that this to you that this is a flat out whopping LIE!

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of ways you can treat those symptoms and in the long run even lead you to a full recovery. (I'll tell you exactly how in a minute). But, if you find any claims that there's no cure for Tietze's syndrome, then run the other way because you are being told a bold-faced LIE!

The beginning stages of Tietze's Syndrome The beginning stages of Tietze's syndrome

Understand This: These people don't give two hoots about your health. They don't care if you spend hours in the emergency room, thinking you're going to die from a heart attack.

Warning: Don't believe what you've heard, Tietze's syndrome is not a disease you can simply Band-aid and hope it will "go away".

It is a real disease that begins by affecting the rib cartilage and (if you don't find the proper treatment) will end up in a horrible snowball effect, giving you several other life-changing disorders.

I know the truth can be hard to hear (especially when all you want is for the pain to stop). But as a fellow Tietze's syndrome sufferer for over two decades, I think you should know...

Tietze's Syndrome Is Just The Start...

Without the right treatment plan, many more problems can result from this disease. Tragically, many people fail to recognize the life-changing complications from Tietze's syndrome and improper treatments resulting in the following problems for the rest of their life...

Don't let this happen to you!

Chances are you still have a good chance at living a very long and healthy life, but as I'm sure you have already realized, its going to take a lot more than a few pain pills and a good nights sleep to turn this dream into reality.

The answer:

The answer is in an incredibly easy system I came across which treats the disease, the immune system, and the symptoms at the same time.

By following this original approach, you treat the "whole" person (not isolated symptoms). This is why you'll hear about a lot of people getting results in under a week.

While those "other" treatments just aim at the disease's "symptoms," giving you just temporary relief, my T.T.P (Triple Treatment Protocol) homes in on everything, leaving no stone unturned.

I break this system into 4 simple facts that you need to know. I will tell you what these are in just a moment, but first:

Who am I?

First of all, I'm not here to make friends and I am not on this site to tell you the words you probably want to hear right now. If you are looking for a pile of garbage (a quick solution for your problems) then you may as well go ahead and find another site. But if you want to find a real solution, a real chance to beat Tietze's syndrome for good, once and for all, and finally end your pain, then I might be able to offer you some assistance.

I want to help you return to a normal life, plain and simple. I promise you this: I'm here to give you cold, hard facts and nothing else. I'm not going to waste your time, so I'll get to the point as fast as humanly possible.

My name is Joy Atkins. I know what it's like to sit in an emergency room thinking I'm going to die. Having visited more than a dozen emergency rooms for Tietze's syndrome alone, and personally suffering for two decades, you would think I know a bit about Tietze's syndrome.


Unfortunately, I am ashamed to say that all I knew about Tietze's Syndrome when I first was diagnosed with it, was that it causes horrible chest pain. What I didn't know was that the symptoms were even more serious. Left without treatment, they can mask a whole bunch of other health problems, and, like my first husband, even lead to death.

By now, you've no doubt experienced the same, painful symptoms. You may have even been prescribed something from your doctor to treat Tietze's syndrome. If you are like me though, you want to up your chances. Like any person who wants a normal life, you want to ensure you've got the top most fighting chance there is when it comes to defeating this disease.

Because, if we're honest: In the end, regular medicine doesn't offer any absolutes. It only increases the chances that you'll recover from this disease and become like your old self.

Okay, let's tell you what you need to know!

So Let's Start...

Listen up - I'm not here to discover what a herbalist in your town has tried to palm off on you, and I don't give two hoots what your doc says (even if he is a great doc). You can't find every solution in a bottle. No pill, herb or prescription is going to cure this disease on its own. Here are the cold, hard facts about your Tietze's syndrome, in simple english.

Vital Fact #1

You Need A Broad Approach

Question: Do you consider yourself a gambler?

Depending on where you are with your Tietze's syndrome, and taking into account the success rate of the treatment program you are in, you're playing the odds. They might be 8% or they might be 88% but any way you slice it, they're still odds.

Perhaps you're okay with that gamble. Perhaps you aren't. But the fact of the matter is...

If you clutch to one or two treatments to fight Tietze's syndrome, then you're playing Russian Roulette with your life and that's a cold hard fact.

Sound a little harsh?

Well I could tell you a tale and sell you a magic potion I cooked in my kitchen from a rare plant with weird looking leaves on it. But would that really help you?

If your in the market to really increase your odds of beating this disease, then don't try just one or two different things, try a combination of treatments. The more treatments you try, the better chance you have of getting your life back.

Well, that's all well and good, I hear you say, but what does that mean? What's included in this broad approach? That's a good question, and it brings me to...

Vital Fact #2

You Need Proven Methods Of Treatment

There are some powerful, aggressive painkillers that are out there to treat Tietze's syndrome. Unfortunately, you don't always find out from your doctor which drugs are effective and which ones aren't.

It's a little known fact that when given a choice, often times doctors will prescribe a "low success rate" treatment over a proven treatment with a higher success rate.

Sound nuts? think about it for a minute. Has your doctor ever offered you a free sample?

Ever asked yourself why its "free"? It's easy...the pharmaceutical companies promote their "new" medicine this way.

You are guaranteed that the product is new on the market, and...

You are also guaranteed that it hasn't stood the test of time, and...

You are guaranteed that you just became a lab rat!

In the meantime, you just made the drug company happy because they get to test their "new" product on you. The doctors are happy as well because the freebies they get include family vacations, or a "convention" (as it's often called) that plops into the doctors mail box as an "incentive" to keep handing out these drugs.

Remember the Vioxx scandal? Years later, you'll find out the true side effects and costs of taking "new on the market" drugs.

Question: Have you studied the success rates of your medicines? Are you sure you're taking the best drug you can possibly take for Tietze's? Maybe we should talk about...

Vital Fact #3

You Need Effective Natural Medicine

What does "effective" mean? I'll tell you in a second. A lot of the time, natural medicine works miracles. But it doesn't mean you should suddenly stop treatment with whatever your regular doctor is prescribing. You should take the broad approach, because...

Nearly every good medicine comes mainly from a natural source.

But don't take my word for it. That fact comes from the Journal of Natural Products. The facts say that...

Seventy percent of every new drug in the US since 1980 has come from a natural source.

Of course, pharmaceutical companies can't get a plant patent and try to sell it to the general public. So they hire chemists to get those plants into the lab. Just in case you were wondering what chemists actually do :)

So pharmaceutical companies can't make a bundle from natural remedies. But you can consider using them, and they come without all those nasty side effects.

Here's a small selection of the many ways that effective natural medicine can treat the symptoms in Tietze's syndrome

Before you type "Herbal medicine store" into a search engine...don't fall for the usual tricks and get ripped off. Finding those "effective herbs" specifically formulated for Tietze's syndrome isn't as easy as reading an ad. What I'm trying to say is...

There's a HUGE Difference Between...A Treatment And A Cure!

Natural medicines treat the "symptoms" of Tietze's syndrome. You might feel better, but it's not a CURE!

It just means that the herbs are fighting against the symptoms. IT'S VITAL THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!

Many people use natural treatments, and the second they see some improvement they start to think they're getting cured. They stop seeing their doctor and start self-treating with ONLY natural remedies. Then they GET WORSE!

While natural meds are a great type of treatment, I only recommend using it with a "broad approach." Used alone, it's not going to cure you, and it can even be dangerous...

There Is A HUGE Difference Between... "Effective Natural Medication" And that Other Stuff!

What do I mean by "effective" natural treatments?...

Well, the FDA doesn't regulate natural treatments. That means the guy next door can chuck some herbs in a bottle and call it a Tietze's syndrome cure.

This happens all of the time: companies are out there making claims that just aren't true!

Now, if a treatment doesn't work, the company is taking the chance you'll just throw the herb away or leave it sitting on your shelf. They don't think you'll sue them. Even if you did decide to sue them (very expensive, and they know it), you might shut the company down, but they'll emerge somewhere else with a different name and a different "herb."

While there are incredible and effective natural treatments to assist you in recovering from Tietze's syndrome, there are a ton of treatments that are as good as a sugar pill!

The Bottom line:

You have a choice: buy a jar of useless herbs, or get the facts right here. I will tell you more in a moment, including exactly where to find the perfect natural treatment and what makes up an "effective" natural treatment.

But first, there's something you should know. One vital thing that every Tietze's syndrome sufferer ignores, but that can increase your recovery odds tenfold!

Why You Should Get & Mix Your Own Herbs Straight From Your Local Grocery Store

For a start, it's safer: The federal government regulates what's in a grocery store, so you don't have to worry about what's really in the product you are buying.

Did you know that laws are in place to protect consumers like you from worthless herbs (or harmful ones)?

Shop in a grocery store, you're protected by these laws, that state how often stores must be inspected, and what they are allowed to sell.

Buying natural herbs from online, you don't have this safety net and you are taking a HUGE risk.

Online, there are zero inspections!

I can't emphasize this enough, If you buy "natural" treatments online, you are gambling with your life!

It's a Lot Cheaper: Why pay a ton of money for a tiny bottle of online potion when you can buy a cart full of natural herbs for the same price?

Which would you prefer?

Locally Purchase Herbs Are More Effective: Herbal companies might put claims about effectiveness on their bottle, but remember: they can say anything they want, because they aren't regulated.

How to Do It Yourself

In a moment, I'll tell you in detail about the specific herbs need to take. But before I do, let's talk about...

Vital Fact #4

You Have to Have A Specific Diet Plan

There are two things you have to know about your diet if you plan to live pain free...

#1 The typical fast food diet not only causes Tietze's syndrome symptoms, but it possibly makes it worse and prevents the symptoms from going away.

Some of the left over junk they process into food

A lot of food is just leftovers from slaughterhouses. While the food we eat is regulated by the FDA, the ingredients that go into that food is not!

When they slaughter cows, a lot of the parts from the cows can't actually be sold for human consumptions because they aren't "safe" for people.

But why throw it all away? When money's to be made?

Although it can't be sold to people, it CAN be sold right back to the meat industry, including fish farms!

The legal term for this garbage is called "meat by-product".

Instead of disposing of all of this leftover garbage, at the end of the day all these rendered animal bits...are chucked into a crate and shipped to fish farms in Asia.

Then, it's fed to growing shrimp and talapia and served in our markets as good old shrimp and fish.

A Few of The Unhealthy Ingredients Allowed In Commercial Fish Food...

But don't take my word...

Click here for the scoop on what's really inside your shrimp

Doctors and specialists Expose The Truth..

Investigator Kate Carroll, exposes the lies when she reveals...

"Little do shellfish-lovers know what they are possibly consuming: dead animal renderings...

...For people who pop down shrimp cocktail or slurp a spoonful of hearty gumbo, what the shrimp feeds on probably never crosses their minds..

But these aren't just any dead animals. They may be your beloved Fido or Mittens, who ended up impounded at a Los Angeles City animal shelter and euthanized. These animals, along with those found on the street (stray or deceased), are fated for a local rendering plant, where their bodies may be used in products ranging from cosmetics to animal feed."


Kate Carroll also reveals..

"About 75 percent of farmed shrimp is produced in Asia, mostly in China or Thailand, and the remaining comes from South America, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations..

The use of animal renderings is not illegal and is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration..

In his shocking writing, author Mike Sullivan, shows you why meat labeled as 'safe for human consumption' is actually full of chemicals...

"...much of the meat we eat contains synthetic growth hormones and other chemicals that may be harmful to us."

"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) current approves of five different types of hormones used in food production. Of these, testosterone and progesterone are produced naturally by the animals and zeranol and trenbolone acetate are synthetically made. These hormones are approved for use only in cattle and sheep...The concern of scientist and consumers both is that traces of the hormones and chemicals will remain in the meat and pose a potential hazard to humans who consume it. Have you noticed that girls today seem to be reaching puberty at a younger age? It is suspected that this may be due to the steroids found in today's meat."

WARNING: I know this is hard to swallow but the science hasn't proved these hormones are safe! if you want to beat Tietze's syndrome, then you must know the truth!

But, It Gets Even Worse...

Euthanized dogs & cats about to be processed into farmed fish food

Sometimes there are animal shelters that work near slaughter houses.

To offset having to dispose of all the dead pets after they have been put to sleep, animal control officers will take the bodies to the rendering plant. And, it's there, they add the dead pets to their barrel of goodies!

Why not? It's legal and it saves money! It's just meat by-product.

So while you are spending your hard earned cash, thinking you are buying healthy shrimp, secretly you've been consuming ground up pets. You've been lied to by the meat industry.

But you should know by now, it only gets worse...

Here's The Bad Part...

The drug used to kill these stray and abandoned animals, (Sodium Pentobarbital), is not at all broken down during the manufacturing process and it's still present in the food they feed to farmed fish!

But, these Asian farmers don't simply stop with pets, the food on your plate has also eaten roadkill, and animals from zoos!

But once again, don't take my word for it, this has all been documented...

"Union of Concerned Scientists Exposes Disgusting Link Between Factory Farmed Animals' Food & Dead Pets"

Most of the food animals in the United States are no longer raised on farms at all. Instead they come from crowded animal factories, also known as large confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs)...

"Just like other factories, animal factories are constantly searching for ways to shave their costs. To save money, they've redefined what constitutes animal feed, with little consideration of what is best for the animals or for human health. .

"Just take a look at what's being fed to the animals you eat:

  • Diseased Animals
  • Same Species Meat
  • Plastics
  • Unhealthy Amounts of Grains
  • Drugs
  • Chemicals
  • Feathers
  • Manure
  • Other animal waster
  • Hooves and Blood


In other words, not only are your food animals eating dead pets, but they are also eating the collar, the ID tags and plastic bags they were put in..

Thousands of euthanized pets arrived at the rendering plants every day, complete with collar, tag, and plastic bag. This is rendered into unrecognizable "meat meal."

WARNING: If you think you are going to find the answer on the food labels, think again. Our only hope as consumers is to eat food we know is SAFE.

Hopefully after reading this sickening truth... you've decided never to eat this poison again? So what do you eat now?

So...What Do You Eat With Tietze's Syndrome?

#1 You not only need to be eating safe foods, but you need a very specific diet plan that helps fight Tietze's syndrome.

There are foods that can HELP treat the symptoms of this disease. But most importantly there are foods that can make the symptoms much worse.

People with Tietze's syndrome may have a very fragile immune system. So while eating organic products is the best way to go... It's still only half of the solution. (don't worry it's not really that complicated, but it is a specific diet).

For example:

Foods that contain high amounts of uric acid and ingredients that are turned into uric acid include: beef, pork, and seafood.

This is what Uric acid crystals look like under a microscrope (the green part)

When you eat food high in uric acid, the urea forms crystals that can lodge in the joints or in the tissues.

These crystals are shaped like knives and cause a lot of pain for people with Tietze's syndrome.

Just changing this one component in your diet can begin reducing symptoms of Tietze's syndrome.

But, just imagine...if you changed more than one ingredient in your diet, the impact would be incredible!

This is just one example.

There are many foods you should be avoiding and many more foods that can help fight Tietze's syndrome.

We haven't even begun to scratch the surface!

So now that you know the facts...Where on earth do you start?

Two Choices

1. You could do the research yourself. But, let's face it, there's a lot of information out there and weeding out all of the junk and the hype can be quite a challenge. It could take months if not years to accomplish a task this large and when it boils down to it, do we really have that long to wait?

Do you have that long? Not to mention, doing this alone would take a lot of very hard work.

2. On the other hand, we could always hire researchers, but who wants to pay some secretary 30.00 an hour to surf the web and dig through thousands of books at the library? This could easily turn into a very large bill.

3... I Know what! Let's just try one simple treatment and hope for the best! Come on...After reading these facts and knowing what you know is this really even an option? Surely not.

But perhaps there's an even better option...

There is A Big Difference Between A Treatment And... A Treatment Plan!

Let's face it. Putting all the pieces to the puzzle together can be a bit confusing. Especially when there's so many treatments. It can be tough to know where to start.

That's why I wrote this report, to put aside all myths and confusion and show what works and what doesn't.

Just like you, I surfed the web, spent hours on the phone interviewing vets and reading every document I could get my hands on.

But unfortunately in the end, I was forced to admit 3 simple facts that I could no longer ignore.

Fact 1: A pill can only do so much. Even if it has a high success rate, in the end the odds of their working are just that, odds.

Fact 2: Natural medicine can only do so much as well. You can havw natural treatments for just about everything they are going through but in the end the odds may only increase by maybe 30%.

Fact 3: Even a very specific diet plan can only boost your odds of beating the disease by an extra 50% if that.

To me this wasn't good enough. What I wanted was a guarantee. What I was searching for was something I could depend on to increase the odds to the point where I didn't have to worry anymore. I needed more than a treatment, or a diet. I needed a plan.

Then about a year ago, I decided to ask a question that would change the way I thought about treating this disease forever, and ultimately led me to write this report. I asked...

What If!?

What if... instead hanging all your hopes on one single treatment, you decided to increase the odds by combing all of these successful treatments together into ONE solid treatment plan?

I knew this was a bold question because I had never seen this tried before. At the time, I all I had heard during all my research was try this treatment or that. But never did anyone dare to say...try this AND that.

Everyone was too busy trying to sell me "their" special pill. But it made perfect sense!

After all, if doing just ONE thing could increase your odds by 50% imagine what would happen if you did 3 things or 4?

Just HOW MUCH do you think you could increase your odds of beating this disease?

This simple concept made more sense to me than anything else I had ever heard from any vet, or herbalist.

After all, natural treatments are perfectly safe when combined with almost any medication and changing your diet can only help matters (not hurt). But, could you imagine what would happen if you combined All 3!?

And, remember, we are talking about treatments with a proven track record ALL combined to target each area of your recovery!

It's been over a year since I have asked the question. But, I'm sure at this point, what you want to know is the answer. Well, I'm glad you asked....

"Can you guess...what amazing secret all of these people have in common?

"My pain Immediately Stopped!"

Dear Joy, Twelve years ago I went to the ER in crushing pain.

I felt despondent because my doctor told me it was "just rib pain" and it should "go away in a few weeks."

You have to understand, I was an athlete before I got this horrible disease. Then, almost overnight, I couldn't even walk to get a glass of water without doubling over in pain.

I was feeling hopeless until I happened upon your book.

Your book gave me a sense of hope and a feeling of empowerment. While my doctor was prescribing extra strength Tylenol, I read your book. It was fantastic to read about the different treatment options.

Finally, I had hope!

within two weeks of starting the diet and talking with my doctor about the alternate treatment plan you suggest, I was off of pain pills.

I am filled with gratitude for finding your book.

Cari Peterson

Queensbury, NY

"Rib Pain has decreased to a manageable level."

Thanks for your book. When I first heard that Tietze's was possibly a lifelong disease I was beside myself.

I had six months sick leave from my job as a registered nurse. My doctor, though understanding, couldn't do anything for my pain except prescribe pain killers (which made me drowsy).

Your book has made me realize that I was doing things to exacerbate my condition. I cut down on my stress level, and I'm seeing on of the natural doctors you recommend. The combination of that, and a change in diet, has meant I can return to work.

I still have tinges in my chest, but they are no longer crippling or disabling. What a relief! Thank you a million times over!

Thank you so much,

David Green

Lake City, Florida

"I've got my son back!"

I am beside myself with happiness that I found your book.

My son was fifteen when he was diagnosed with Tietze's syndrome. He was kicked in the chest during football practice, and we thought it was a broken rib at first.

Six months later, we were still going back and forth to the doctor. My son was depressed and on meds. He told me he didn't want to go on, he was in so much pain.

As a mom, I felt powerless and helpless, watching my son suffer. I took your book to our next appointment (this time, with one of the specialists you recommend). My son had his third treatment at the rheumatologist's office last week, and he's back playing football! Albeit he wears a chest guard now.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

Liza Caroline

Cupertino, CA

"Are You Sure This Isn't a Cure?"

I'm a 45-year-old guy who felt sure he was going to die three years ago when I went to the ER with crushing pain, like an elephant on my chest.

I gotta say, the pain, I couldn't believe the excrutiating nature of it. There was NO WAY this wasn't a heart attack!

I left the ER with a scrip for pain meds, but the pain never went away. I started having panic attacks, where I couldn't breathe. I even thought I had asthma.

And all the time, my doc is telling me nothing's wrong.

Then I found your site doing a Google search.

for the first week, I though, bah, nothing's happening. but then, 8 days into the program, I sat up in bed without pain in the morning for the first time in years.

I'm never again going back to my old eating habits.

You may just have saved my life.

Pete Halstead
Montreal, Canada

"Amazed At How Much Better I am"

I am one month into changing my diet and I can't believe the difference.

To think it was this simple!

I'm not going to be able to bench press two seventy again anytime soon, but I'm working on it...

I was losing my mind with the pain, but now I can breathe easily.

I've also added a few herbs to my diet. I'm a cowboy, and I never thought I'd hear myself day that.

I can't say thanks enough.

Don Dillard
Loveland, CO

The Good News

The good news is I've already done all of the research for you. And you should know by now that I'm a woman of many facts. So, everything in this book from cover to cover is based on the facts. I put the work in so that you don't have to.

Limited Edition - Not sold anywhere else on Earth.

Endorsed By TOP doctors,
Tested by Hundreds of Tietze's Syndrome Suffered
And Guaranteed Incredible Results

Exactly what's inside...

What Your Doctor NEVER Told You About Tietze�s Syndrome: No more complicated doctor talk. I break the symptoms, the disease, and what causes it down for you in layman�s terms. I will explain to you exactly what Tietze�s Syndrome is and exactly what your body is going through right now.

You will gain a complete understanding of what you is experiencing, and from now on, when you talk to your doctor...you will know exactly what he is talking about so that you can make a more informed decision about your health.

Which type of Tietze�s Syndrome related disorder do you have? In this section, I will walk you through each specific type of Tietze�s Syndrome so that you can narrow down the core issues you are facing and the risks involved.

Did you know there are 5 main symptoms? Find out what they are.

Skip All The Expensive And Painful Tests: Sick of shelling out for expensive tests that you can�t afford and trying medications that don�t relive the pain? Don�t waste hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on useless (and sometimes painful) tests that don't even give very accurate results. Many doctors will start out with the most inaccurate tests and then work their way up to the most accurate to milk as much money out of you as they can. Did you know that doctors frequently own shares in radiology businesses? Every time they sent a patient for an x-ray, MRI, or CT-scan, they get a cut.

This isn't helping you and all it's doing for you is sucking money out of your bank account. Here I will reveal each tests and the accuracy so that you can cut to the chase and find out once and for all if you you have Tietze�s syndrome and what stage your disease is at.

The Truth About Aggressive Drugs And...Success Rates: Why waste your money and time bouncing around from treatment to treatment? Now, you can discover the...Top 5 prescribed treatments, the success rates of these treatments, the side effects and the risks involved.

No more guesswork. Discover what treatment will work best for you so that you can begin seeing results instead of simply throwing good money after bad.

Is surgery the answer? It's not for everyone. Here you will discover the pros, cons, and the risks involved.

The truth about Ibuprofen. Due to the overwhelming concern from Tietze�s Syndrome patients, I've written an entire section on this drug including:, what to expect for the first week to 10days when you are taking this drug. This of course includes the risks, and side effects.

5 things (that don't cost anything) you can do right now to give yourself comfort and ease your suffering.

5 Natural Treatments...Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About: This first remedy is proven to be extremely effective when battling costal cartilage problems that may result from Tietze syndrome. It�s a technique that has proven to be successful with some stroke patients in regaining use of paralyzed muscles. But that's not all. It is also effective when treating localized pain, radiating pain, and stress-related symptoms from chronic pain.

This remedy is mostly used for reducing chronic pain in terminal diseases. However, unknown to most, recent studies have shown that this remedy has become even more effective for treating actual inflammation of the costal cartilage, which is one of the main problems that may arise from Tietze syndrome.

Based on clinical studies, this next remedy is widely used by chiropractors and physicians treating post-surgical pain. This therapy is inexpensive and stimulates endorphins as well as decrease pain.

This Asian treatment for Tietze�s syndrome is becoming more popular in the United States. While it is not known how this treatment works, most people undergoing this particular therapy report significant improvements in pain relief.

This last treatment will help you breathe more easily and relax. Because tension and stress in the muscles can significantly increase the pain from Tietze syndrome, this therapy is so beneficial your health insurance company will actually pay for it 99% of the time! (You just have to know how to get this treatment covered).

A Few Simple Diet Changes That Can Prevent Tietze�s From Becoming a Chronic Disease: Discover an in depth solution to exactly what type of food you should be eating to help fight Tietze�s syndrome. It�s not enough to simply quit eating regular food. I will go over a very specific diet plan with you outlining exactly what you should begin eating to fight Tietze�s Syndrome.

What foods should you avoid? Chances are you are eating at least one of these ingredients right now. Knowing this information is critical to your recovery.

You will also discover exactly how to prepare the foods, what vitamins and minerals to use and precisely what portions to use. We've taken out all the guesswork for you. Simply follow the instructions and feed yourself back to health.

Last, you will discover exactly how the diet process works to help your body fight off Tietze�s Syndrome, so that you can gain a full understanding of one of the most important factors in your recovery.

9 Ways To Tell if Your Doctor Is Wasting Your Time And Money: If your doctor can't answer these 9 questions, then pick up the phone and find another one, it's that simple. Find out for yourself if they know what they are doing before you waste your time and money.

A Complete Directory Of Holistic Physicians Listed By State: I have researched literally hundreds of physicians listed by state and organized them for you in my book. By working with both your current doctor and a holistic doctor vet you could give yourself the edge you needs to rapidly overcome Tietze�s syndrome through a broad approach.

Tietze�s Syndrome And The Heart Attack Connection: During the time that you are sick with Tietze�s syndrome, you may also have a hidden heart problem. In this section we will discuss the connection between the two.

You may or may not be susceptible to a myocardial infarction (heart attack). The good news is, if you catch it early you will have a better chance of treating it before it gets out of control. In this section we will go over the signs of a heart attack and ways to treat it.

Get An Objective And Unbiased Point Of View.
(I'll tell you what your doctor won't.)

Your doctor may mean well but their knowledge is limited to what they have been taught in medical school.

There are many other treatments they can't tell you about because they don't know about them!

Very few doctors are educated about natural treatments and diet in medical school because it's not as profitable.

Not to mention there are too many specialties to keep up with. It's impossible for every doctor to have all of the information.

Besides, a doctor isn't going to give you the straight facts like me. My research is based completely on case studies and hard facts.

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Who Is My Product For?

This is an opportunity for the Tietze's patient who wants to skip a very expensive and time-consuming learning curve and immediately begin treating their problem areas before they get worse.

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You can prolong this disease longer by exhausting yourself trying treatment after treatment and spending hundreds (even thousands) in doctor bills. Chances are, after enough trial and error you will eventually find something that offers a little more relief from the symptoms.


You can do what thousands of Tietze's syndrome patients just like you have already done and cut through all the trial and error. By applying what works immediately, you will begin seeing a dramatic improvement in your health in days instead of months (or longer).

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P.S. Still skeptical? I don't blame you. We've never met, so its hard to know what to expect. That's why I'm giving you a full year (365 days) to try it out (but you will likely see results in less than a week) If you don't begin to see measurable improvements in your health within the next week... just shoot me an email and you will get your investment back in full.

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